catsandmens asked you: you should totally do that pissed sherlock conducting an orchestra xD

So this happened. Pissed but still passionate conductor Sherlock.

"Noooo, you sped up at wrong moment, NO. What do mean you’re following my lead and it’s all my fault!?"

"Sherlock, you’re meant to be conducting!"

"Well I’m not nooooow!"

"I can stop whenever i like! I’m on a case and the murderer isn’t here anyway!"

*Drops baton. Storms off Royal Albert Hall’s stage huffing like a teenager leaving the entire audience stunned* 



For anon

"The two of them are in love aren’t they?"
"Mhm, but they are always apart. He’s king of the dwarves and lives underground, while she’s cursed to live as a sheep. Only when the clock strikes 12 is she a fairy. So the king appears at that moment, just to catch a glimpse of the girl he fell in love with. What do you bet that the artist who made this clock was separated from the love of his life?"